A Home Away From Home

If you are like most loving pet owners, leaving your cat with someone else can be a hard choice, and a difficult decision to make.

Here at Catsablanca we strive to make you and your pet relaxed about the whole thing, and make the time your cat spends with us as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

We also have a kitten house/play lounge, which is safe and secure for young kittens, and gives them plenty of room, along with a large cat tree for them to play on. We also ensure there is plenty of recreation and stimulation for your cat.

Our promise to you is that we will take the best care possible of your cat, and make your cat as comfortable as possible!

So read on to find out why Catsablanca is the best place for your cat to stay.

    Private Individual Rooms available
    If your cat is timid, a bit anti-social, still a kitten, or you just prefer your cat to have its own room.

    Very Convenient Location
    Handy to motorway and easy to find.

    Quiet and pleasant surroundings, no dogs
    Your cat will feel relaxed and enjoy a stress free stay.

    Easy access to the property
    Just off the round-about, with good driveway access especially if towing a trailer.

    Free cat box storage
    No need to worry about lugging the cat box around with you.

    Quality pet food
    We only use pet food recommended by vets. Your cat will enjoy a healthy quality diet.

    24 hour veterinary service available
    In case of need, you do not have to worry; our vet is available 24/7.

    Quarantine facility
    Should the need arise, we have a quarantine facility. This ensures the health of all our feline visitors.

    Flexible hours
    We realize not everything can be worked around normal hours, so by arrangement, we can accommodate your travel plans.

    Large parking area
    No need to worry if you have a boat or caravan on the back, plenty of turning space makes it easy for you.

    Special needs catered for
    If your cat needs special attention or care, this can be arranged for you.