Facilities & Accommodation

Private rooms

These rooms have been designed to accommodate up to 3 cats comfortably. They are equipped with cat trees, cat condos and perches high up for the cats to relax on. The private rooms can be joined together by removing the mesh windows to allow for bigger families.

We have 10 of these luxury rooms, and they are perfect for older cats, those that are not so sociable, young kittens, and for those owners that are happy to pay a bit extra to spoil their cat or wish to ensure they have total piece and quiet. Some other benefits of the private rooms are, the guest is not put into their sleeping/feeding area at night, they can graze on their food 24hrs/day, and choose where they wish to sleep! so go ahead and spoil your cat!


Two main lounges make up the semi-communal areas, where each guest has separate sleeping/feeding accommodation. Here our guests can find a spot to relax and enjoy their stay. There is also a third separate lounge, which is ideal for younger cats or kittens, with overhead walkways and cat furniture to play on. There is plenty of room to wander around, and find somewhere to curl up or stretch out.

Pleasant background music keeps our guests quiet and calm, and the large airy lounges are pleasantly cool in summer, while snugly warm in winter. Personal loving care and attention ensure Catsablanca becomes their home away from home.

The quarantine lounge area is separate from the main lounge areas to ensure that, if it is needed, all our guests are completely safe and secure.