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About the London Catteries Directory

The London Catteries Website aims to provide cat owners and cat lovers with an independent and comprehensive listing of catteries in the Greater London area, plus cat welfare information and details of related services.

London Catteries - A genuinely independent resource for cat owners

As stated above, the London Catteries website exists to provide cat owners and cat lovers with an independent, comprehensive and useful resource website, providing information on all catteries within the Greater London area, listings of local veterinary centres and other information relating to cat health, cat welfare and much more. The website is new and will be expanded throughout 2013 to include new sections.

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Why do it? Quite simply, we're cat-lovers and we also happen to enjoy creating websites. In fact, we do it for a living. The British Cattery Directories are our hobby.

If you search online you'll see that there are already plenty of directories. Thousands of them. However, most of them only exist to generate advertising revenue. The typical content is exceptionally poor; for example we have found one 'directory' which lists a total of 3 catteries in London. A waste of space. We decided to create a genuinely useful resource.

The London Catteries website includes details of every cattery located in Greater London which has its own website to provide visitors with information about the facilities and services they offer, plus details on their location. We haven't listed catteries without websites because...well, because you're looking for information! Each and every cattery is listed totally free of charge, and nobody gets preferential treatment. Catteries are listed in postcode order and if you click on a cattery listing you can contact them directly.

We are debating adding a 'comments' and 'ratings' option to our cattery listings, but we know that most sites which allow ratings and comments are full of fake comments, and we're reluctant to fall into the same trap. If you have an opinion on this, let us know.

Do you own a veterinary clinic or a cattery in London

If you are the owner of a veterinary clinic or a licensed boarding cattery in London but haven't been included in our directory, please submit your details to us for inclusion. Assuming you are located within Greater London and have a website to provide visitors with information, we will gladly add you to our directory.

If you don't have a website.....we're website designers. We created this site for fun, but we prefer to work for money. If you have a cattery, a kennels, a veterinary practice or even if you fancy a website to show off pictures of Sylvester and Tweetie, get in touch with us. We need the money!

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