Ever been baffled by your cat?

Cat and cattery advice

Advice, information and articles about cats

It doesn't matter how many cats you've had in the past or how much you think you know about cats, our adorable little feline friends never cease to amaze, and frequently do their best to baffle us all. Of course, if you've never had a cat before, let's just say they're a bit like fluffy Rubic cubes.

In creating this section we decided to include information which would be helpful to anybody who owns a cat or is debating getting one. This section will start out quite small, but it will be expanded and added to monthly. We intend to find locally-based vets who can contribute articles about cat welfare and health, people who have funny cat stories to tell, stuff like that. Regardless, any articles added here will be written by people who love cats and who have something useful, funny or interesting to say.

Why don't YOU contribute?

It's fairly obvious that the best advice on cats comes from people who know, love and maybe also work with cats. This could mean cattery owners, cat breeders and veterinary surgeons but, whoever you are, if you'd like to write an article, serious, interesting or funny, we would love to hear from you.

Please note that any articles sent to us for inclusion should be original (ie: not already published elsewhere) and at least 350-400 words in length. We don't have a maximum length, but please don't send us book manuscripts! If your submission doesn't only relate to the local area, we might also add it to our other cattery directories across the UK. Where requested, we will be happy to provide full attribution for published articles.