London Catteries - Registering a cattery or veterinary clinic.

Register your Cattery

Cattery Registration

The cattery listings on this site include the details of every cattery we are aware of and which complies with our registration criteria. For a cattery to be included in this directory it must be physically located in Greater London and must have its own website which provides visitors with information about the cattery facilities, services, location and contact details.

As far as we know, the directory is complete but, if you have a cattery and haven't been included, please use our cattery registration form to submit your details. Provided you comply with our requirements, we will gladly add you to the directory.

Register your Veterinary Practice

Vets Registration

We decided to include a directory of veterinary clinics in Greater London alongside the cattery directory because every cat owner will need a vet at one time or another. Our directory includes the details of Veterinary Practices, clinics and Hospitals which are based in London, offer services for cats and which have their own information website. Hence, we haven't listed equine-only vets, for example.

We think the directory is complete but if you own or manage a veterinary practice which hasn't been listed, please use our veterinary registration form to submit your details. Provided your veterinary practice complies with our simple requirements, we will gladly add you to the directory.

Not based in London?

If you have a cattery or veterinary clinic but you're not in London, don't let that little detail get in the way. We are in the process of creating directories for the whole of the UK. All you need to do is visit our parent website British Catteries and find the directory that covers your area. If the directory for your area isn't online yet, you can still submit your details anyway, just in case you're not already in our database!

Please be patient!

If you submit registration details for your cattery or veterinary clinic, we will add you to our listing provided you comply with our requirements. This may take a few days, maybe even a week, so please be patient.