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London Veterinary Centres

Veterinary Practices in Greater London

If you have a cat, no matter how healthy, you'll need the services of a vet at least once a year, even if only for annual vaccinations.

Our directory of veterinary clinics lists all those clinics, surgeries and hospitals which are located in Greater London and which have a website to provide you with information about the services and facilities they provide. We hope you find the directory useful.

If you manage a veterinary centre in London and we haven't included your surgery, please use our registration page to send us your details. Provided you fit our simple criteria, we will gladly add you to the directory.

London Veterinary Centres
London Cat Rescue Charities

Cat Rescue Organisations

Every year, far too many cats become homeless across London, some of them abandoned, some lost and others who left alone after their owners died. Your local cat rescue and rehoming charities are working to rehome these very cats and are looking for your help.

If you're thinking of getting a cat, your local cat rescue and rehoming charities are waiting for you. If you can't rehome a cat, perhaps you can help in other ways, by making a donation or helping to raise funds.

We have listed those cat rescue and rehoming charities we are aware of in Greater London and we're sure that whatever help you are able to offer, they'll be glad to hear from you!

London Cat Rescue Charities

Did we miss anybody?

We try our best to ensure that our listings include everybody, but we're only human. If you have a cattery, a veterinary centre or a cat charity which is located in London but not included in our listings, please use our registration forms to send us your details. Assuming you meet with our requirements which, for catteries and vets, means being in Greater London and having your own website to provide people with information about yourself, we will gladly add you to our listings. We will add cat rescue/rehoming organisations which don't have an online presence, provided you are a registered charity. Registration is free for catteries, vets and charities.