Websites for love or business

Cattery accommodation

You don't need to pay fortunes to have a decent website, and if you don't want to pay too much for a website it doesn't mean you have to suffer the boring identikit sites dished out by Yell, Google and so on. We build effective, affordable and attractive websites, regardless of who the customer is. Whatever you want, a cattery website, kennel website, pet diary website or personal website, we can do it!

Whether you have a cattery, a kennels, a veterinary clinic or breed Ostriches, if you want a website to advertise your services, we can help you. Maybe you want a personal website, to display your photos, tell a story, express an opinion or start a chat group. If you do, we can help.

What does it take to get a website?

It might sound a little obvious, but you need to know what you want your website for, what you want it to do. For example, do you want it to promote a specific service or product and, if so, who do you want to sell that service to? Once you have the reason for your website fixed, you can then write the words, the text content of your site. You don't need to do a lot. As long as you provide the basic text content, we can do the rest.

Free websites

Yes, there are services available which offer free websites. You've seen the end results, and they're often not so pretty. Most, if not all, come with severe restrictions on what you can do, lack basic features such as security controls, email accounts and so on. We don't offer free websites, only affordable and effective websites!